For over 20 years Mary Daly, Trinity Hospitality’s Group Sales Manager has been successfully bringing coach tours to independent hotels throughout Ireland. These visitors come from across the globe from Europe to Russia to China, Australia and the UK.  Trinity Hospitality’s Groups and Tours department works with groups coming to Ireland and assisting clients with their hotel requirements. Clients include all types of hotels ranging from large hotels in key cities to smaller properties that are not on the touring map. 

In 2017, Mary placed over €9m worth of groups and tours business into the hotels she represents and demand for enquiries is increasing. She needs more locations and would love to add some new independent hotels to her list.

Mary was recently featured in an article for Hotel and Restaurant Times, read more about Trinity Hospitality’s Groups and Tours department and the future of group tourism in Ireland.

Trinity Hospitality is owned by PREM Group and provides a range of services for independent hotels from procurement to web design, digital marketing, HR and IT services.

If you are an independent hotel looking for assistance to grow your group business please contact Mary Daly 01 639 1115 or email

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