Did you know that Trinity Purchasing was so named as there are three parties involved in our purchasing process? If you take a look at our logo, you will see that the three figures are representative of our clients and our suppliers with the purchasing team pictorially represented as the conduit between the two. We in the purchasing division of Trinity Hospitality like to think of ourselves as wearing two different hats; first and foremost we act as the procurement partner for the hotels we provide services to, but secondly, we work in partnership with our nominated suppliers in a sales capacity to some degree.  We act as a conduit between our partner hotels and our nominated suppliers and in an ideal world, the service we provide delivers a benefit to each of the parties involved in the form of a cost saving to the client hotel and new business to our nominated suppliers.


As a group purchasing provider, our focus will always be on cost. We constantly strive to deliver the best value to our managed sites, and we offer the same pricing to all of our clients no matter how big or small. While our process means that we are constantly benchmarking our prices against others for their benefit, it follows that we would always have our finger on the pulse in terms of the current market pricing. Downward price trends in the marketplace, particularly in commodity markets, will be recognised and acted upon quickly. Similarly, price increases will only be accepted where there are unavoidable and justifiable reasons for the increase. We answer to both our managed and affiliate hotels and are always striving to operate in their best interests.


We have built up a strong network of partners on the supply side of our business and are always looking to secure deals that will deliver a benefit to our hotels. Often our deals are borne out of the needs identified by our hotels operations teams and we have become the “go-to” for our hotels meaning that we are a strong ally for the suppliers we partner with. We view our nominated suppliers as partners, and try, where possible to grow our business together. Some of our greatest successes are with suppliers who appreciate the nature of what we do and are willing to work with us to grow the business even while we put constant pressure on their margins.

For more information please contact Alan Cruite - General Manager, Purchasing.

Phone: +353 1 639 1111


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