Choose the right brand for your hotel or serviced apartments

Trinity Hospitality have established relationships with the world's leading hotel companies including Intercontinental Hotel Group, Wyndham Hotel Group and Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

We have also developed our own hotel and long stay brands, PREMIER SUITES and PREMIER SUITES PLUS, Leopold Hotels and Aspect Hotels. 

Working with the right hotel brand can open up new markets for your property. From travel agents to corporate clients, a recognised brand can put your hotel on the map. The major brands establish standards, which are intended to be consistent across all operations so that guests are better assured that they will receive the level of service and amenities they desire and expect, wherever the property is located. Along with standards, brands provide operating manuals, which are intended to provide a “turnkey” approach to the operation of the property. This is intended to reduce the number of mistakes and help ensure that the property is, in fact, operated pursuant to the brand standard. Importantly, brands provide services that drive occupancy, such as reservations systems, websites, brand marketing, loyalty programs, and quality control.